Our Aerial LiDAR services provide highly accurate data in the region where most of the technologies suffer to produce effective results.

Challenging areas require state of the art payload to conduct the aerial survey. LiDAR is one of the leading technology and LiDAR is an effective payload for Drones. LiDAR is a cost, man-power, and time-effective means of getting meaningful data even in challenging conditions of terrains.

We can produce much better results in greenfield Topographical Survey, Volumetric Analysis, and 3-dimensional measurements. We provide an accuracy of 2-3 cm using LiDAR technology.

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Asset 16

Urban & Rural
Land Mapping

We perform Mapping & Survey of both Urban and Rural Lands.

We analyse the Data collected with Appropriate Software for Land Management & Development. We offer precise measurements of specific assets to assist in better decisions as desired by our clients.
Aerial data can also be acquired for specific Urban and Rural development. All planning requirements are provided in a customised manner.

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Highways &

We offer Mapping of Roads and Highways better than manual terrestrial methods.

We bring Aerial solutions that give better accuracy, more consistency, and higher resolutions which together prove economical on the pocket. The rapid generation of 2D Orthomosaic & 3D Models act as references for engineering planning and designing.

Our particular interest lies in harnessing the best results with high accuracy. Customized data can be made available as per the customer demands.

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Asset 14


Aerial inspections can be extremely useful to General Insurance companies for decision making.

Aerial visualisation can give another perspective on how we look at risk mitigation. Difficult to access and high rise residential, commercial & industrial properties can be inspected with precision. We also offer Damage Assessments in case of disaster scenarios.

Aerial methods ensure safe, economic & quick inspections in high-risk areas. We give complete assistance with accuracy & secured records.

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Industrial Inspections are vital for critical Infrastructure Management and Asset Monitoring.

We help you visualise data virtually in 2D and 3D formats which is far more effective than conventional manual efforts. These virtual inspections lead to more efficient detections of critical deterioration conditions like cracks, corrosion, leakages, damages, etc.

Aerial operations are undoubtedly safer, secure, and may be conducted at a fraction of the costs; leading to more frequent monitoring and reducing losses.

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Asset 12

Mines &

Data Acquisition & Survey provides productive assistance for Mining Task Planning & Asset Management.

Volumetric analysis to Analyse Stockpiles can lead to tremendous savings by obviating losses alone. Mining areas have been challenging for manual inspections and drones have been actively used for better security and surveillance of the mining sites.

We provide services more intelligently through our latest applications. High accuracy results are included in our analysis.

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Power systems inspection is vital for better Power Management.

We inspect power from generation to the distribution end. Transmission lines, Poles, Junctions, Corrosion can be monitored with precision through aerial methods and an integrated analysis is produced. There is a need to improve upon the conventional methods.

We ensure that the operations are carried out with safety and security and cost-effectiveness are achieved.

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Asset 10


Drones are changing the game in the communications tower industry from Safety, Quality and Efficiency perspective.

Towers require regular maintenance, and therefore a preliminary inspection to identify “what” is to be done “where”. We can help identify hazards, find structural damage, and help tower inspectors understand the tools they need prior to climbing. Issues revealed during identification can then be addressed on ground.

We reduce the time for personnel to be on the tower. Thus ensuring safety and also increasing efficiency.

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We provide timely monitoring of Renewable Energy Generating Sites.

Our efforts in this sector include monitoring of Solar and Wind plants. Solar Panels and Windmills can be better inspected in comparison to manual methods which are tedious manpower intensive and time-consuming.

Our services also include the study of assigned areas using topographical surveys, progress monitoring, and inspection of assets using RGB & Thermal payloads.

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Asset 8

Security &

We provide real-time surveillance for threat detection and timely alarms.

Drones will impact & change the way we have conventionally viewed Security and Surveillance. They are eyes in the sky capable of providing autonomous patrolling. Artificial Intelligence gives us the ability to carry out real-time detection of Threats.

Drones can be a boon for monitoring boundaries & perimeters and can be integrated with existing Security Arrangements at places of High Risk.

Asset 7


We offer Data Acquisition and Analysis Services to assist Forest Management Planning & Monitoring.

We monitor Forest lands and use artificial intelligence to derive the best results. We analyse the acquired data towards the monitoring of Plant Health, Measurement of Volumes, and Tree counts and provide a detailed analysis for better Forest management.

Mapping of forest land, it’s perimeters, surveillance for encroachments and poaching, and many more services can be provided.

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We provide precision spraying of fertilizers and pesticides and also monitor crop health.

Drones have the potential to transform the agriculture industry. We have been active in acquiring aerial data to monitor the overall crop health and scouting of land and crop. We also help with precision spraying of fertilizers & pesticides to ensure better crop management.

Aerial surveys have been precise, well informed and are tremendously being used in crop insurances related activities.