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Everything from training & skilling to employment in various subsets of this vast incoming ecosystem looking beyond our own borders for resources and looking within to fulfill our needs.

Professional UAS Training

Best Practices of Indian Armed Forces incorporated in training syllabus and practices for both Fixed & Rotary Wing UAS.

UAS Engineering Program

These cover all aspects of Engineering, Maintenance and Servicing of various types of Fixed & Rotary wings UAS (Drones).

Advance Conversion Programs

To cater for various applications, both Fixed & Rotary Wing Drones require  diverse skills, accessories & procedures. We provide  customized solutions to cater to specific industrial needs, & hence make our trainees more employable.

Unique PAN India Pilot Network

PAN India network of pilots specializing in diverse operations from
cinematography to agro utilities like spraying; from data acquisition
to survey, mapping and monitoring

  • Existing Pilot Database expanding everyday.
  • Software Under Validation - Will be live shortly.
  • Register Manually - Get Early Accesss
  • Contact - +91 - 8448020706

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Programs

AI Based customized applications for Commercial/Industrial/Agricultural needs and uses.

Pilot Trained


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What business segments do Betterdrones operate in ?

We are into Professional UAV Training, Aerial Data Acquisition, Agricultural Spraying and AI based Agricultural Research Projects.

Where is Betterdrones Located ?

We are currently located at Greater Noida, Delhi NCR.

Is Betterdrones a private or a public company ?

Betterdrones is a Private  Ltd Company