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Better Drones: Ontime – Everytime!

About Us

We provide end to end services for both large scale and smaller projects. Our team expertise in Aerial Data Acquisition in all terrains followed by Data Processing and Analysis. We also provide consultation and customise operations to meet the requirements of our clients.

Why Choose Us

Our highly experienced workforce is trained as per the DGCA guidelines

We operate in all kinds of Rotary & Fixed Wing Drones with various payloads. We provide All in One Services from Data Acquisition to Data Processing and Analysis. With our In-House Teams equipped with all the relevant skills, we provide faster solutions to all your needs. Our average is 2000 + Hectares of Data Acquisition per Team per Day with an accuracy of less than 3cms resolution. We have over 300 trained Drone Pilots pan India. Our teams are experienced in all kinds of projects in most of the states throughout India. We have executed 150+ successful projects.
We deliver On Time–Every Time !
Certified Care
A place to build a career in the drone ecosystem. You can start from scratch with no prior experience. It has something for everyone – Hobbyist to Professionals.
Quality Data
Acquisition &
Customized Analysis
Drone Pilots are made proficient & responsible with national security as their prime Dharma!
Our teaching methodology is designed as per the DGCA guidelines.
Our training content
has been developed by an Ex-Army Aviation Pilot.
Drone Trainings

Train Better with
Better Drones​

Our Methodology

Our teaching methodology is designed as per the DGCA guidelines. Our team consists of highly experienced Drone Instructors who have already trained 300+ Trainees. Our training modules are Industry oriented and the Trainees are given experience on live projects. We provide One on One support to the trainees along with hands-on training. Regulations, Safety & Security compliance training is included in all our courses, as relevant. We also assist the deserving trainees with job placements. Our training content is developed by an Ex-Army Aviation Pilot and we follow the best practices of Indian Air Force and Army Aviation.

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Meet The Team

Abhishek Maurya

Director (Training & Finance)
There was drone trainer from Gee Enn,
Who did finances for some Yens.
Finger licking Mattar Paneer was his forte’,
But Mangoes made his special soufflé.
He now earns by training Mango Mattar Paneer...
Drone Deliverymen.

Kanav Kumar

Director (Operations & Business Development)
“I think I’m in love with my smartphone,
I’ve never felt this way before.
I used to be lonely without it,
I don’t feel alone anymore.
I hope you don’t misunderstand me,
or think that I’m some kind of freak.
but I fell in love with my smartphone,
so we’re getting married next week !!!”

Sunil Chadha

There was an old man who grew a beard, And exclaimed,
“It’s just as I feared !”
Two pigeons, a hen and a lizard,
Two bats, a centipede and a buzzard.
All built their nests in my beard !!