Certified Drone Pilot Training Course

Our Professional Drone Piloting Course develops the skill set required for the Drone Piloting job. We train and certify Cadets as Drone Pilots by providing hands-on practice and experiences on live operational projects. Our curriculum is progressive & is designed to prepare individuals for licensing with Pre, Progressive and Final Tests and relevant Soft Skills for all Roles. Our syllabus and conduct include best practices of the Indian Air Force and Army Aviation.

As DGCA comes with the CAR 1.0 for UAS released on 27th August 2018, UAS Companies have received a big push and require skilled manpower to carry out various tasks. Companies are currently involved in applications using UAS as below:



3.Enterprise (Survey, Mapping, Inspection, etc)

Course Outline:

  • Duration: 4 Weeks
  • Fees: 40,000/-

What you’ll learn?

The Professional Pilot Training spread over a period of 4 weeks divided into 25% Aviation Ground Subjects, 15% Simulator Training and 60% Drone Flying Training.

Topics to be covered under aviation ground subjects:

All subjects as laid down vide CAR 1.0 by DGCA will be covered in detail. These include:-

  • Fundamentals of Aerodynamics
  • Concepts of Drone Flying
  • Rules and Regulations by DGCA
  • Review of Electronics Concepts
  • Introduction to Drone Hardware
  • Drone Equipment and Maintenance
  • Understanding of ATC Operations
  • Flight Planning, Collision Avoidance and Geofencing
  • Radio Telephony Techniques.
  • Weather and Meteorology
  • Future and Opportunities in the Technology

Simulator Training: Simulator training will be provided with more than 10 exercises developed by betterdrones in-house. Adequate practice time will be provided at multiple workstations.

Flying Training: The Flying training will be conducted by certified professionals having experience in the industry with diverse exercises on the different type of Drones as required.

Course Eligibility:

Candidates who wish to apply for the course must be 10th Class qualified with English Medium.