Certified Aerial Cinematography

Our Professional Aerial Cinematography training gives an overview of the skill set required for the cinematography job. We train Cadets as Professional Drone Pilots by providing hands-on practice and experiences on live drone. Our curriculum is designed to prepare individuals with Pre, Progressive and Final Tests and relevant Soft Skills for all Roles. Our syllabus and conduct include best practices of the Indian Air Force and Army Aviation.

Course Outline:

  • Duration: 2 Weeks
  • Fees: 32,000/-

What you’ll learn?

The Professional Aerial Cinematography training Spread over a period of 2 weeks divided into 30% Aviation Ground Subjects, 10% Simulator Training and 60% Drone Flying Training.

Course Outline:

  • Basic Aerodynamics and Physics of Drone Flying
  • Characteristics and Popularity of DJI Phantom 4.
  • Basic Air Regulation, Do and Don’ts for Flight Safety.
  • Get to Know about Drone and Its Parts.
  • How to safely charge and Maintain a drone battery.
  • Working of Drone Transmitter.
  • Standard Atmosphere, Air Pressure, Temperature and MET conditions
  • Exposure to DJI Go 4 and Litchi app
  • Introduction to Different Drone Sensors
  • Know more about Focal Length, ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, perspective, Sensor
  • Crop Factor, Exposure Compensation, Histogram, HDR, White Balance, Composition
  • and Other Filters
  • Working in A, S and M Modes of Drones
  • Use of Frame Rate, Motion Blur, Using Filters and Polarization from the Drone.
  • Different Aerial Drone Shots:
  1. Aerial Pan Shot
  2. Overtake shot
  3. Tilt Reversal
  4. Object of Interest
  5. Bird’s Eye.
  6. Unveiling shot
  7. Side Follow shot
  8. Tracking Shot

Course Eligibility:

Candidates who wish to apply for the course must be 10th Class qualified with English Medium.