What business segments do Betterdrones operate in ?

We are into Professional UAV Training, Aerial Data Acquisition, Agricultural Spraying and AI based Agricultural Research Projects.

Where is Betterdrones Located ?

We are currently located at Greater Noida, Delhi NCR.

Is Betterdrones a private or a public company ?

Betterdrones is a Private  Ltd Company

How long is the Pilot training?

Our Professional Drone Pilot courses runs for a period of 4 weeks.

What makes your training programs unique?

Our Training Program is progressive and designed to prepare individuals for licensing with Pre, Progressive and Final Tests and relevant Soft Skills for all Roles. Our syllabus and conduct include best practices of the Indian Air Force and Army Aviation.

Who are the instructors at betterdrones?

Our instructors are Professional Drone Pilots having more than 3 years of Flying experience. All our Engineering Instructors are B Tech qualified engineers with a minimum of 4 years of experience in their respective fields. 

Can Training fees be paid in installments?

You can pay full fee at the time of registration or pay registration fee and submit rest of the fee 3 day prior from the starting of the registered course.

Can I bring my drone to fly during the class?

You don’t need to bring your drone as our flight instructor provides a range of drones for flying purpose.However, the skills you’ll learn in our courses should be directly applicable to flying any standard drone.

How far in advance should we register for training?

We advise our cadets to register for training at least a month and a half in advance. That will help us to ensure optimal batch availability.

What type of drones will we be trained on?

You will be trained on nano to small category as per DGCA CAR 1.0 dated 27th August 2018. For fixed wing Drones also the categories will remain the same.